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We’ve recently become aware of, a review site, (there are more and more review sites appearing on the internet these days,) to which employees can submit reviews on employers, and on which, of course, there are already thousands of such reviews – see this:-

We’re still learning about this website, but when we briefly used it to search for reviews on Leap Legal, some terrible reviews came up. Readers will have to do their own searching, as we’re afraid that if we put any of the not so good ones up on this blog it, Leap could claimed it was defamation.

In general, we don’t take much notice of reviews, but, if you were looking for a good employer it would be hard to ignore some of the claims in some of the reviews.

There are claims like, “The company does not value it’s employees, it only breaks them down and spits them out. Even the previous CEO was spat out!” andĀ also, “I can confirm all the super positive posts on here since May have been because the Chairman, (presumably Beck,) told the management team to write them,” which, of course, we don’t know whether they’re soundly based.

We believe that when we’re looking for good employers there are no shortcuts – we have to do our own homework.

Step 1: Look for people and organisations who have ordinary email addresses – we have been working on this sort of thing for more than 12 years and have consistently found that, other things being equal, those who only have email forms, let alone those who only have fax numbers, are seldom worth bothering with. (Occasionally you might think it’s worth sending an email to people and organisations that only have email forms, but, if you do this and you don’t get a response from them that provides you with an ordinary email address you can use in the future, they are also not worth bothering with.)

Step 2: Use any ordinary email addresses available to send them an email – to a certain extent it doesn’t matter about what. A perfect one, in this case, would be to use their ordinary email address, (Leap has one – to send an email asking for a comment on one of the bad reviews. We would almost fall over dead if such an email was even acknowledged.

In the only relevant experience we know of personally, so far, in the middle of having a “chat,” using it’s chat facility, all of a sudden the person having the chat was left high and dry, the person they were chatting to was no longer available, and when he made a complaint, using this ordinary email address, the complaint wasn’t even acknowledged.

We suppose, that when Beck’s own brother and own father are claiming that they’ve found that he doesn’t value people, that it’s hardly likely that the people he employs are likely to value the people that work for them, and so on and so on.

And we suppose the bottom line is that Beck thinks that how things are has got him this far, why should he try to make things any better.

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