Christian Beck, Leap Legal – dealing with 15

Almost two years ago, there was a TV series called “Passionate Players,” in which Beck was featured. (There doesn’t seem to be a way in which the episode can be viewed in 2020.)

As part of putting the episode together, I was interviewed for over an hour, as his father. When, in the end, I was asked how I would sum him up, my answer was, “a good kid.” These days I can’t believe I said this, it was a moment of utter madness, because what I should have said was that he was one of the most ruthless, selfish, ungrateful, untruthful people I’d ever come across, perhaps on the whole planet, who’d been treating me like sh-t for 25 years – although, undoubtedly, if I’d said this, it would not have been included in the episode.

I’m sure there are now thousands of people out there who have experienced this side of him – even his own 16 year old son won’t see him, talk to him, (Beck has told me this himself,) says he’ll never talk to him. But perhaps there are still people out there who haven’t – yet!

We’d love to be able to report one day that perhaps he’d changed a little bit – but, for the time being, at least, this seems INCREDIBLY unlikely!

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