Christian Beck, Leap Legal – dealing with 25

We received what’s shown below from one of our readers today – on 23 Feb. 2021.

To be honest we don’t know what it’s all about – we’ve never seen anything like it in more than 20 years of working on blogs and websites.

It says that, “In response to a legal request submitted to Google, we have removed 3 result(s) from this page” – what page? So far we haven’t found anywhere where anything has been removed???

We are invited to read more about the request at but when we use Google to go to this website, we’re invited to peruse 10,000 results???!!!

Perhaps whoever made the legal request could explain things more? or Google? or Beck?

The best we can come up with is that Beck has requested that some of the 30 or 40 emails that have been sent to him, as shown on this website, inviting him to tell his story, so our readers could get to know him better, be removed, as an alternative to him actually responding to them. If that’s what this is all about, then surely that tells us even more about him. We believe strongly that the best people and organisations to deal with are those that provide helpful responses to reasonable emails sent to them, and who are not concerned as to who gets to read them, they’re proud of them! – not those that never actually respond to emails, instead organise legal requests to Google to stymie any efforts that might show that they NEVER respond to emails!

We’ll continue to look into things further, and as usual, invite comments and contributions from our readers.

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