Christian Beck, Leap Legal – dealing with 22

The older we get, the more we’re realising that, perhaps, to get the success Beck has had in the world as it is, you HAVE to tell lie after lie after lie – something that certainly seems necessary to get awards from the Ernst & Youngs of this world, claiming, for instance, that he was “self- taught” and “self-made,” in which there’s not a skerrick of truth!

And perhaps, like Beck, you have to hold on to every cent you possibly can – have to fight tooth and nail to have the Family Court order him to pay as little as possible to his former wife after he walked out on her, pay not a cent to his father for all the help he gave him, and to others who may have helped him along the way, not to give any “pocket money” to his four children and so on and so on and so on.

But, as we keep saying, that’s no reason for any of our readers to have him or any of his organisations part of their lives.

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