Christian Beck, Leap Legal – dealing with 20

It’s obvious from the various posts on this website, that Beck has made a real enemy of his father, to whom, elsewhere on the internet, he’s recorded as saying he owes so much – by ingratitude, selfishness, greed and heartlessness, alleged by his father, to him, his former wife and their four children, and others.

And now, when his father, in particular, has decided he can’t take it any more, he’s suddenly decided to start labelling him as CRAZY!

It’s obviously up to those who may be dealing with Beck and/or his companies, or considering dealing with them, to try and decide who might be right and who may be wrong.

Thank goodness for the internet in that when Google searches are made on anything including “Christian Beck Leap,” this blog is shown on the first page of the results, giving everyone the opportunity to express their opinions and be heard.

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