Christian Beck, Leap Legal – dealing with 17

Of course, Beck would probably claim that, to achieve the success he’s had, he’s had to tell lie after lie after lie, particularly to get his Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst and Young, (who have shown themselves to be particularly gullible,) and to not pay a cent to his father, (who has also shown himself to be particularly gullible,) for all his help, after telling him over and over again that Leap Legal was one third his and then going back on everything he’d ever said, so that he could keep as much money as he could for the expansion of his businesses – and, perhaps, in the world we live in, he’s right.

But that’s no reason/excuse for anyone else to trust him for a nanosecond, to think for a moment that he’s telling the truth, to believe any of his promises, or to think that he will ever show any gratitude to anyone for anything they might do for him.

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