Christian Beck in action 7

After being married to his former wife in early 2002, Beck walked out on her and their four children in mid-2018.

From her point of view, the good news, perhaps the only good news, is that at some point the Family Court will surely order Beck to pay her half of the amount by which the joint wealth increased during the course fo the marriage, which could be considerable – the law on this is crystal clear.

The extent to which Beck is using the most aggressive lawyers he can find to delay this Family Court order for as long as possible, and how he is treating her and their four children in the meantime – we have set out some of the details she’s provided on this in this previous post – gives us a great deal of information on what he is really like, a lot of which could have been expected. It’s almost as if he believes she, and incidentally their four children, should be punished! – when he left her, she didn’t leave him.

But something she’s recently added has left us astounded – “HE’S NOT GOING TO STARVE ME OUT. HE’S TRIED AND COME CLOSE TWICE NOW.”


Not at all! Not at all! When it comes to Beck, nothing is unbelievable!

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