Christian Beck, Leap Legal – dealing with 7

We’ve mentioned before how, while Beck’s wealth has been estimated in the most recent Australian and Financial Review Rich lists as at least 600 million dollars, and when, after he left his former wife, it’s surely only a matter of time before the Family Court orders him to pay her millions of dollars, he’s been paying her only $60,000 a year for her and her four children to live on – which, of course, is impossible!

What, in particular, makes this impossible, is that she’s been expected to pay four lots of school fees out of this?

Well, to counter this, his former wife has recently stopped paying any school fees – when she get’s an account from a school she just sends it on to Beck, who, on his track record, just doesn’t care, is so heartless that he probably won’t pay them either.

She’s done this, in full consultation with her children, letting them know that, if he doesn’t pay them, they will have to expect to go through the disruption of leaving the schools they been settled in and been going to for years, and start going to new schools, State Government schools, where there are no fees.

This could particularly affect his 16 year old oldest son, who’s in his final years of school, the disruption could lead to him getting lower marks in his HSC, which could reduce his choices as to which University to go to, which could affect his whole life. No wonder this son won’t speak to Beck, thinks he’ll never speak to him again in his whole life, avoids ever being in his company, and openly says that he thinks he’s such a low-life!

And the latest is that one of Beck’s nephews, at 13, wants to change his surname, to no longer be a “Beck,” because of how he’s come to regard his uncle!

All this, when, ironically, for far less than a few million dollars out of his 600 million, he could be coming over as concerned and generous – granted that divorces often just happen.

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